About the Emery Theatre and the OCAS Building


THAT Emery Theatre and the Ohio Mechanics Institute/College of Applied Science just south of the theatre has been part of the University of Cincinnati since 1968?

THAT Emery Theatre (formerly Emery Auditorium) was built for the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra?

THAT Mrs. Mary Emery, noted philanthropist, donated all the funds for building the school and theatre complex?

THAT Mrs. Emery also was the developer and builder of the suburb of Mariemont, one of the first "planned" villages?

THAT Leopold Stokowski, world-famed symphonic conductor, stated during his tenure as Cincinnati Symphony conductor, that Emery's acoustics were among the finest in the world exceeded only by Carnegie Hall in New York and Boston's Symphony Hall?

THAT There was a gym used by the college and located over the rear half of the theatre?...Due to excellent construction the sounds of the one never interfere with the other... This space was later used by the Cincinnati Ballet as a rehearsal facility.

THAT On the roof of the college building there was at one time a huge greenhouse that provided fruits and vegetables for student lunches and for use in their hotel employee courses?

THAT Parties were held on the roof of the college building for up to 1,000 persons?

THAT Other roof facilities included tennis and hand-ball courts?

THAT The first Industrial Exposition in the country was held by Ohio Mechanics Institute?

THAT Many Broadway stars as well as world-renowned musicians have appeared on the Emery stage?